What is Eunice Unites?

  • A 35-45 minute one-woman inspirational show written and performed by Terey Summers, addressing the implications of bullying and those who are victims.
  • Eunice is a loner and something of an outcast who shares a day in her life at school and her reflections on how she thinks we should treat one another.
  • Regardless of her treatment, her big heart is still open and honest and she shares with students how she hopes she can change the world…or at least the culture of her school.
  • Audiences get to meet the actress before she transitions into dear sweet Eunice.
  • As Eunice departs and Terey returns, the actress talks with the students afterwards about self-esteem…noticing what is going on around you and getting to know and speaking up for those who are outside the “norm”.
  • The show is not meant to cure any particular issues, but is a means of opening or adding to the conversation that must take place amongst the student body.
  • The show is modified appropriately for elementary through high school audiences.
  • Eunice can customize her performance to address any particular issue that is happening or may have happened in the school she is performing in by rolling it into her “day at school”. This assures Eunice is hitting home and touching on those issues particularly affecting the school where she is performing.
  • Some students, faculty or administration may be selected for voluntary interviews and will be asked to sign photo releases.
  • The show is part of a larger project that will pitched to TV producers in the near future. The actress may bring video cameras and equipment. No identifiable student images will be used without obtaining the appropriate release from students’ parents.


October is National Anti-Bullying Month!

Here are just three resources on bullying to help parents and educators understand the importance of teaching against bullying:


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Who is Terey Summers?

A writer, entertainer, and gifted communicator, Terey has found herself in the center of a myriad of creative environments. She has crafted and developed a presentation of comedic characterizations as the heart of her motivational package. Terey is a sought-after speaker to audiences of all ages across the country with women and teens being among her most popular. Her captivating messages receive rave reviews in both public and private sectors. With humor as the vehicle, Terey delivers a punch, and follows that up with her unique ability to connect with her audiences, leaving them touched, inspired and wanting more. She has starred in multiple stage productions such as Chicago and Les Miserábles, and was a top 3 contestant on Mark Burnett and Oprah Winfrey’s Your OWN Show in 2011.