These testimonials are from teens and adults in response to their experience with Terey as a guest comedic motivational speaker.

“Terey is an amazing and outgoing person and can change the way you look at things.”

“She made a lot of good information fun and interesting to learn.” 

"She helped me feel more comfy with other people.”

"She was an awesome connection to leadership and I had an amazing time.”

“I love her!”

“She was great. She needs to return.”

“Terey Summers rocks!”


“Terey Summers was such an inspirational leader. She helped me a lot.”

“Awesome! You really have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

“This is by far the best workshop I have ever experienced.”

“My favorite thing was the quest speaker. She was amazing and it was a great way to start off the conference.”

“Loved the guest speaker Terey!”

The following is from an interview with Michael Barnard, Artistic Director, Phoenix Theatre.

Terey Summer’s People: How long have you known Terey?
Michael Barnard: For about 15 years.

TSP: In what capacity did you meet Terey?
MB: I was her director in MAN OF LA MANCHA at Phoenix Theatre. I have had the utmost pleasure of directing her in many shows since and we have become trusted and loving friends.

TSP: Who is Terey professionally?
MB: Terey is perhaps the funniest woman I have ever met but her talent in the arts goes well beyond that. She is a fantastic writer, director, improv artist, and an amazing and gifted individual when it comes to children. She knows kids like the back of her hand and she creates a spell around them, like magic. She has instant repoire with all who touch her life. She reaches into your heart and holds you.

TSP: Any notations having to do with youth or adults?
MB: She makes magic with everyone young and old. She cares about people and you know that from the moment you meet her.

TSP: What are your feelings about who Terey is?
MB: She is awe-inspiring. A most beautiful and blessed woman.

TSP: If someone wanted to know about Terey what would you want them to know?
MB: That she cares about you.