It’s the same feeling I had when I was a little girl. Every time I see the tip of the Matterhorn from the 57 freeway in Anaheim California, my heart picks up its pace. I flat out love Disneyland. I always have and I aways will. I love it, I’m sure, for many of the same reasons its 40,000 daily visitors do.  There’s just something special and familiar about Disneyland. From the way it smells, the way it sounds, the food, (their corn dogs are killer) the favorite rides, the people of every kind; this place seems to stay the same yet brings a new experience with every visit. Disneyland offers many lands of adventure, fantasy, and tomorrow to explore; all full of imagination, inspiration and creativity. It’s homey. It draws a crowd. It reminds me that we all like to have fun. It appeals to the young and the young at heart. It brings Joy. It touches people.

Sharing is in my DNA. I love to share. Not to name drop, or align myself with Ms. Winfrey, but I have had the privilege to sit across from her in conversation. She shared publicly and with me something about herself.  She said she loves to share. She said when she was a little girl she felt the Snicker bar tasted better when she shared it with someone. I couldn’t agree more. Whether it’s a candy bar or a conversation over coffee, a trip to an amusement park, or insight into lifes common challenges, this is certainly one thing Oprah and I share in common. The love of sharing. That’s where Tereyland comes from, that part of me that loves to share. Simply share.

I hope you will accept my invitation to join me here. I hope Tereyland will begin to feel familiar. I hope it will bring a fresh and fun experience every time you visit. I hope coming along with me to Tereyland will present a variety of different lands to explore. I hope it is a place where imagination, inspiration and creativity live. May adventure, fantasy, and hopes for tomorrow be found here…for you and for me. This is my hope and motivation for Tereyland.

And actually, there is another reason. For me.

More than six years ago, following the loss of my husband Jim, I decided to brave Disneyland alone. After having many a visit to this happiest place on earth, and a good dozen with my husband in particular, taking on things alone seemed the order of the day. I would guess “alone” is probably not the most popular way to do Disneyland, particularly at Christmastime, but once I arrived I smelled all those smells I loved so much, and I rode all the rides that have always been on the top of my list, and ate my favorite foods. I so very much enjoyed myself! It appeared I was surviving my solo venture quite well.

Not too far into my day I began to see things at Disneyland I had not seen before.  Cooler yet, I saw things I have seen for forty years in a brand new way. I slowed down. I sat and watched people. I stayed all day. In the evening, I found my place alone on Main Street to watch the fireworks. I stood in the cinnamon-flavored-magic-Disney snow as it fell to “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” while tears fell down my cheeks. I felt new things. I said goodbye and I said hello. So many things happened on that first solo Disneyland trip, but the greatest thing that happened was the realization I would be okay. I am okay. Just me. And it is more than okay to do something just for me. Just with me. Because I want to. Because it brings me joy.

I am expecting that Tereyland will be a lot like that solo trip to Disneyland. I will appreciate the process. I will slow down. I will likely see new things I have missed, and look at familiar things differently. I’ll find my place and I’ll stand there. I will take it all in. I can’t wait. In this same way, sharing Tereyland is for me. Because I want to. Because it brings me joy.

Needless to say, if I haven’t hammered the connection yet, as with Disneyland I hope Tereyland draws a crowd—the young and the young at heart—because I love crowds, I love people and that would be a sign we all are having a good time. I hope that my sharing and all it entails brings you joy in some form; touches your life in some way. And let me say, as I share through Tereyland, should you desire to share Tereyland too, I would be honored. We will all just share together. It will be the Tereyest, sharingest place on earth. Tereyland… Disneyland… presumptuous? My goodness, I hope so.

Oh! By the way, Disneyland is celebrating 60 years this year; what a great time to celebrate! Maybe I’ll see you there. Look for me by the Matterhorn. Or, the Pirates of The Caribbean.

Ummm…best bet would be the corn dog stand, truthfully.