I like different. I like creating. Those two things seem to fuel my annual ornament making efforts. I also like things to stay fun and light when I’m recruiting others to help the ornamentIon process. Keeping things simple leaves more room for fun.

This year we had a lot of fun AND ended up with two show stopper ornaments.  

the Pom Pom....


and the Bohemian Artichoke (my personal name for it) 


They both are very easy to make and share some of the same ingredients.

Both start with the base of an acrylic ornament ball of your desired size and that handy dandy all purpose hot glue gun. After securing the two halves of the acrylic ornament ball, the Pom Pom balls get glued around the center perimeter as a starting point. Using this as a guide, simply continue around both halves of the ball until it’s full! Full of joy is what it is!! 


The Bohemian Artichoke ornament calls for an extra stepnor two. You will need a one inch hole punch to make your circle. You can use whatever kind of paper you wish, but it needs to have some body to it. A perfect free example and choice would be the paper from the covers of magazines. It’s made from a heavier weight of paper and will give the circles some body as they are layered over each other. Start with one circle glued flat on the bottom of the ball, then layer around that starter circle and so on and so on. (Go to tereytv https://youtu.be/qUhPlzkMA8s for the how-to video) 


The final and perhaps most critical item both 0ornaments share is the twine. Can’t hang the ornament without it! I used butchers twine in the white and red color bcz ... well... you know. LOOKS LIKE A CANDY CANE! Can’t beat that! Just cut the desire length of the twine and thread through the top hole ring of the acrylic ball. And there you have it. Or them. Two of the most delightful ornaments you’ll ever see.

Just pausing from the “gotta do’s”  to enjoy a “wanna do” can often refill an empty tank. Just you and a couple of hotties — a glue gun and cocoa— and you’re off to ornamentizing your home, and heart. 


Merry Christmas y’all. 

Bobo (terey)